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The Player
Name/nickname: Kathryn
Age: Born 1987
Pronouns: female, pls
Contact: kathrynkr ((at) gmail (dot)) com
Experience: Have been RPing since 2009, in all sorts of games: small, close-knit communities; giant, structured games; private RP, and memeplay.
Currently played characters: Luke Smith, Sarah Jane Adventures ([personal profile] lukesmith) and Peter Vincent, Fright Night 2011 ([personal profile] fucking_ebay)

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] bluesuit_handy
Name: Andrew Noble (meta-crisis!Doctor)
Alias: the Doctor, Handy (the latter is not a name he uses or wants used; fandom-wise he's also known as the meta-crisis!Doctor, Ten.2, etc). He'd argue that the Doctor's many aliases also belong to him, such as the Evergreen Man and the Oncoming Storm.
Age/Birthdate: "Born" in 2009; around two actual years old due to time travel. Has well over 900 years' worth of memories.
Species: Human-Time Lord biological meta-crisis
Canon: Doctor Who (TV canon)
Canon point: About two years after the events of Journey's End
Played By: David Tennant


At the time of his creation, Andrew inherited the Doctor's dizzying intellect and vast wealth of knowledge. He seems to know at least a little bit about everything, and possesses the kind of skill with technology that can only be acquired through several lifetimes of experience. He's a fast talker and a fast runner, and his ability to get himself out of nearly any scrape neatly balance his penchant for getting himself into trouble. Unlike the Doctor, he lacks most of a Time Lord's usual physiological and psychological advantages; while he has a somewhat heightened temporal awareness as compared to a human, compared to a Time Lord's temporal and spacial senses he might as well be deaf and blind. He lacks the ability to initiate telepathic connections, though his defenses are more formidable than those of a human should anyone attempt to invade his mind.

The Rift gave Andrew the power of Meta Division. He can split himself into multiple, identical copies of himself, each of which possesses an independent but identical consciousness. However, no matter how many parts he splits into, Andrew cannot spontaneously increase his own mass. As a result, his overall mass is split among however many copies are currently extent; the more copies he makes of himself, the smaller each will be. Furthermore, the smaller the Andrew, the more energy he requires to stabilize his form. As such, increasing amounts of Andrew's mass are converted to energy the more pieces he splits into. The energy remains in an invisible cloud around each mini-Andrew, ready to be converted back to mass when he re-joins. Thanks to the energy field, a smaller Andrew is stronger and more resilient relative to his size than a larger one. He can still be injured, but being knocked over by a giant hand, for instance, will not break his bones. He can also lift more weight and jump higher when he's small (again, relative to his size).

The parts are not always of equal size, and Andrew can choose how many to make and how much mass to give to each. He can, for instance, split into one nearly full-sized Andrew and one tiny one, or he can choose to split into three hobbit-sized Andrews, or a gaggle of small Andrews of varying sizes. Each of the smaller Andrews is also capable of splitting further or merging with other mini-Andrews. There is a limit to how small he can make his component selves, however: below about about four inches tall, the duplicates are unstable, and automatically re-merge before they can fully split. Due to the energy exchange, this works out to one twelfth of his full size.

The split Andrews can (and will generally want to) merge back together with ease. The process is painless, and the re-merged Andrew will have the memories gained by all his constituent parts while they acted independently. If he remains split apart long enough, individual experiences can cause his different parts to become less identical in thought processes and personalities, but they remain at core the same person.

A chart by the lovely Krissy! The black dots represent how tall each Andrew would be were he to split into the number of (equal-sized) parts indicated on the horizontal axis. The red dots show how tall the remaining Andrew would be were he to split into two parts, with one of the parts equal to the fraction represented on the lower axis. For example, three equally sized Andrews would be 3'7" tall, while an Andrew who had given 1/8 of his mass to a small double would be 5'10".

Like the incarnation of the Doctor from whom he was made, Andrew is tall, gangly, and thin as a rail. He appears to be somewhere in his thirties, and sports freckles on pale skin, brown eyes, and shaggy brown hair he rarely bothers to get cut. He wears sideburns that tend to be at least a little more neatly trimmed than the rest of his hair, and can frequently be seen going about with a bit of stubble. He's extremely expressive both in terms of body language and facial animation, to the point where he can appear manic, and his voice tends to get squeaky when he's very excited or upset. Poor blood circulation and a lack of natural insulation has made him hate the cold, and he can almost always be found dressed in layers, simply adding more shirts and jumpers as the temperature drops.

Andrew has long struggled with the thorny problem of identity; he often fears that he amounts to little more than an imperfect duplicate of another being, rather than meriting consideration on his own terms. His personality is an amalgam of those of the tenth Doctor and his companion, Donna, from whom he was jointly created, and he has inherited all the insecurities and (to his mind) worst aspects of both. From the Doctor, he got the tendency to constantly apologize for things that are not at all his fault while failing to realize he ought to be sorry for the things that are, as well as more than a little doubt about his own capabilities as a self-appointed guardian and arbiter of the downtrodden. Like the Doctor, too, he can be ruthless and go too far, but unlike the Doctor he does not feel remorse for the genocide he committed against the Daleks (though that is not to say that he doesn't feel remorse for all the terrible things the proper Doctor has done). From Donna, Andrew got a general, pervasive feeling of unworthiness and unimportance. While he believes those feelings to be unfounded in her case (Donna is/was, after all, a savior of the universe and a fantastic person to boot), that has not stopped him from neatly adapting her worries that she would never do anything worthwhile with her life to his own situation.

As negatively as he might view himself, though, Andrew is not all doom and gloom. His negative feelings about himself and his place in the world have been somewhat tempered by his time with James, though it still amazes him sometimes that his partner puts up with him -- and that James puts up with him because he wants to. He's well aware that his obliviousness to James's feelings (and his assumptions about how James should feel) nearly cost him the relationship before it even properly started, though that has not stopped him from continuing to let himself be absorbed in his own problems at the expense of paying any mind to the feelings of the people around him. Ironically, despite his self-absorption, Andrew (like the Doctor before him) sees himself as a champion for justice; he will throw himself into danger at the drop of a hat if he believes his efforts will save the lives or freedom of others. While Andrew is finally beginning to get a grasp on his own mortality and to realize that he can't afford to throw away his life when it's the only one he has due to an inability to regenerate, he still struggles with the practical application of that knowledge.

Andrew's moods are mercurial; it's not unusual for him to go from pensive and sulky to bright and manic in the space of minutes, or vice versa. Sometimes he does this deliberately, taking a fake-it-till-you-make-it approach to happiness; other times, his mood genuinely shifts this quickly and he's simply along for the ride. Those who know him well can probably tell which is which.

Handy was brought into existence by accident aboard the Dalek Crucible when Donna Noble touched a jar holding a severed hand belonging to the Doctor. Shortly after his regeneration into his tenth body, the Doctor had lost his right hand (which, he'd previously noted, had a "slight weakness in the dorsal tubercle") in a sword fight atop a spaceship floating above the Earth. Though the hand passed hands at several points, it was back in the possession of the Doctor by the time he and his companions fought the Daleks and Davros aboard the Crucible. Prior to their arrival aboard the Crucible, the Doctor had been shot by a Dalek. He halted the resulting regeneration by off-loading his regeneration energy into the severed hand, which, being a genetic match, functioned as a perfect biological receptacle. The Doctor's intention was to allow the energy to naturally dissipate, but he hadn't counted on the chain of events that led to Donna coming into direct contact with his handy receptacle. Her touch triggered an instantaneous biological meta-crisis through an equal exchange of energies, causing the hand to grow an entire new body based on the mixed biological codes of the Doctor and Donna. Handy awoke with all the memories of the Doctor up until the regeneration, and all of Donna's memories up until she sparked the meta-crisis.

His first acts upon coming to life were to 1.) save the TARDIS (and Donna and himself) from certain destruction, 2.) utterly fail to free his friends from the clutches of Davros, and 3.) commit genocide against the Daleks after Donna saved their friends for him. The Doctor disapproved of that third item, to say the least; after returning the Earth and most of their human companions to their proper places, the Doctor proceeded to strand his meta-crisis double in another universe with Rose Tyler, another companion. The Doctor claimed that his purpose in doing so was to give them a normal human life together and for Rose to temper his double's blood-lust, but Andrew (he chose the name Andrew Noble when it became necessary to have a name other than 'the Doctor') never believed that he had blood-lust in need of tempering...or that the Doctor had done it for any reason other than a desire to get rid of him.

Life in the other universe was difficult. The relationship he was meant to have with Rose never took off; she wanted the real Doctor, and he wanted the real Doctor's life. They fell out and he left around the same time he got fed up with working a human-style job at Torchwood and announced he was taking a furlough while he worked out what he wanted to do with himself. The little money he had to his name was very soon gone thanks to his inexperience in managing his spending (it had never before been necessary). His stubbornness prevented him from going to Rose or his erstwhile coworkers for help, even when he found himself suddenly homeless. He was forced to accept help at a homeless shelter in order to avoid asking it of Rose, and began the slow process of becoming self-sufficient. Along the way, he returned to his job at Torchwood, and eventually found a relatively cheap flat where he could stay while he built up his savings. After his experience on the streets, he developed a tendency to err in the opposite direction, choosing not to upgrade his flat or his furniture even when he reached the point at which he could have afforded to do so.

Around the time he regained independence, Andrew met the android version of the fifth Doctor, and the two took up traveling together for some time. Their meeting and travels were unfortunately erased from the web of time, leaving Andrew stranded on Earth once again and none the wiser, though both of them would later regain those memories. Andrew got to know the android a second time when Time Scoops began to take them out of their respective times and places and deposit them, along with other acquaintances of the Doctor and a smattering of internet-savvy humans, at intergalactic parties. The two became good friends, but when the android was captured by the Master and his personality replaced with a duplicate of the Master's mind, Andrew's response to his friend's sudden spitefulness was to withdraw rather than to attempt to find out what was the matter. He only became aware of the other side of the story after the sixth Doctor rescued the android, who was forced to rebuild his personality from the Doctor and Master personalities still residing in his head.

Andrew invited the recently christened James to come live with him, and the invitation was accepted. They lived together on Earth for half a year, during which time Andrew continued to work at Torchwood, while James worked at a homeless shelter. They managed to accumulate three dogs along the way, and grew quite close. When Andrew began to suspect that his feelings for James weren't entirely platonic, however, he buried those feelings as deeply as he could, so deep that even he believed he only saw James as a friend. James was at that time unable to experience physical pleasure, after all, so it wouldn't have been fair for Andrew to initiate a sexual relationship.

At one of the Time Scoop parties, James was transformed into a biological version of himself, and had sex with the Master for the sake of experimentation. Andrew responded with jealous fury, but it was still up to James to initiate the next step in their relationship, with Andrew quietly rebuffing his first attempts. He finally gave in to James's advances and his own desires, and for a short while they were happy.

A mere week after their first coupling, James was lost to Andrew when he fell through a rift in space and time. Andrew went into mourning, barely maintaining enough functionality to look after the dogs. It was several weeks before he gave up on the return of his own James and turned on the computer that contained a backup copy of his lover. As much as Andrew loved the copy of James, the latter could not provide all the emotional support Andrew needed, not least because James's last backup had been cached before their romance came out into the open. The two of them planned to obtain a spaceship and leave Earth, both to leave bad memories behind and to attempt to find a new body for the duplicate James.

The original James arrived back on earth about two months after he had disappeared, having made his way back from the distant future, righting wrongs and, incidentally, obtaining some upgrades along the way. After a tearful reunion, the pair left in the spaceship in which James had come back, taking the dogs with them. Together, they have visited several planets, and it is while they are on one such visit that Andrew is taken by the Rift.

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