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Handy/Märet sixwordstories log

July 20, 2010
[Wishing he had is own TARDIS.]
With [ profile] best_temp, [ profile] morethanworthit, [ profile] doctors_plus_1
[Donna, ??, Rose]
[Cheerfully reciting the World's worst haiku.]
With [ profile] first_in_time

July 21, 2010
[Unhappily examining his very first zit.]
[No responses]
You're not fooling anyone, you know.
Response to [ profile] nobillionbounty's post

July 22, 2010
You say stealing; I say borrowing.
Response to [ profile] littlestkaiba's post
[Yu-Gi-Oh character? No responses]
I could do with a drink.
Dropped into thread between [ profile] withpockets and [ profile] havinhoops
[Donna and Gene Hunt]

July 23, 2010
[Giggling; tripping over his own feet.]
[ profile] doctor_three, [ profile] lone_defender, [ profile] ashopgirl, [ profile] 11th_timelord
[Third Doctor, Rose, Rose again, Eleventh Doctor]

August 28, 2010
Really, do not touch the bump.
Response to [ profile] nothing_of_note's post, with [ profile] genius_mind
[???, Owen]
*Taps his fingers to the drums*
Response to [ profile] ofdrumsthesound's post
Shouldn't really be consorting with humanity.
Response to [ profile] defystereotype's post
[OC: William Jacobs]

August 29, 2010
[Dangling upside-down, foot in a trap]
[ profile] ofdrumsthesound, [ profile] knightatheart, [ profile] slyheiress, [ profile] doctorspet, [ profile] lone_defender, and [ profile] sakurasblood
[Ghost!Master, ??, ??, Martha, Rose, ??]

September 9, 2010
[Eating jam straight from the jar]
With [ profile] roselikeschips, [ profile] lord_andmaster, [ profile] ofdrumsthesound, [ profile] lone_defender, [ profile] xhowxyouxdoinx, [ profile] lilyloveslaughs, [ profile] backup_brother, and [ profile] earth_defender
[Rose, AU!Master, Ghost!Master, Rose, ??, Lily Potter?, ??, Rose again]

September 12, 2010
No hard-on for the Master, thanks.
Response to [ profile] ninth_doctor's post
[Ninth Doctor]
OOC thread
On [ profile] ninth_doctor's post, but with [ profile] handyhandyhand
[OOC thread with another Handy; all subject lines and icons]
What'd I just say? No touching.
Response to [ profile] madasaballoon's post

September 13, 2010
Put that down. I mean now.
Response to [ profile] captain_flyboy's post

September 20, 2010
Response to [ profile] handy_sparehand's post
Full moon's Thursday. Already getting antsy.
Response to [ profile] canarywharfyan's post

September 21, 2010
[Temporarily blinded by experiment gone wrong.]
With [ profile] 11th_timelord, [ profile] ofdrumsthesound, [ profile] noblexcompanion, and [ profile] lord_andmaster
[Eleventh Doctor, Ghost!Master, Donna, AU!Master]
[Blind; trying to find the tea.]
With [ profile] handy_sparehand

September 28, 2010
Think it's time for a drink.
Response to [ profile] wentbackto1973's post
[Sam Tyler]

October 2, 2010
Number nine was ugly and grumpy.
Response to [ profile] ofdrumsthesound's post

October 3, 2010
Please, sit. Would you like tea?
Response to [ profile] verybritish's post.
[Adelle DeWitt]
*Sitting patiently, eying your breakfast sandwich.*
Response to [ profile] callmonday's post
[OC: Callisto Monday Sedillo]
Oh my God. I'm--I'm pregnant.
Response to [ profile] doctorspet's post.

October 4, 2010
[Out on patrol, looking for trouble.]
Response to [ profile] just_got_real's post
[Nick Angel]

October 6, 2010
At least my sight's coming back.
With [ profile] sweetslancelot

October 8, 2010
Sorry, what're you going on about?
Response to [ profile] stachelessjohn's post
[John Watson (BBC Sherlock)]
Money? Never really saw the need.
With [ profile] redbloodagent, [ profile] xrose_badwolfx, and
[??, AU!Rose, Janie]

October 9, 2010
[Forced into clinic duty by Cuddy]
Response to [ profile] vicodin_nscotch's post
[Dr. House]

October 10, 2010
Hate my True Name. A lot.
Response to [ profile] fritz4now's post
[OC: Fritz]

October 14, 2010
*fiddling with something on his computer*
Response to [ profile] i_amironman's post
[Tony Stark; no replies]

October 16, 2010
Homeless shelter kicked me out again.
With [ profile] themastereffect, [ profile] callmonday, [ profile] alwaysallright, [ profile] noblexcompanion, [ profile] rightbydrums, [ profile] cjharknesstw, [ profile] xrose_badwolfx
[Blond!Master, OC: Callisto, Tenth Doctor, Donna, AU!Koschei, Jack, AU!Rose]

October 18, 2010
*locked in a room with you*
Response to [ profile] persuasionpowr's post
[Heroes: Eden McCain]

October 17, 2010
[Smile! He's taking your picture now.]
Response to [ profile] transcendsdeath's post
[??, no replies]

October 19, 2010
[Running, loud alarms sounding behind him.]
With [ profile] huffpuffblonde, [ profile] cjharknesstw
[Rose, Jack]
A suggestion: don't leave the country.
Response to [ profile] adamseden's post
"I'm blind" doesn't mean "I'm helpless."
Response to [ profile] 1stmetalbender's post
Too any of us wanderin' around.
Response to [ profile] oncomin_storm's post
[Ninth Doctor]
Oh, you're in for it now.
Response to [ profile] roxyweasley's post
[??, no replies]

October 22, 2010
*is running down the street.* Stop!
Response to [ profile] tenthdoc's post
[Tenth Doctor]

October 23, 2010
*is holding some mistletoe.* Free kisses!
Response to [ profile] cjharknesstw's post

October 31, 2010
*Handing out candy.* Welcome, young ones.
Response to [ profile] traken_master's post
[Traken!Master (B)]

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