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The first time the meta-meta got loose at night, Handy nearly had a heart attack when he woke to find what looked like the Master standing over him. What was even more alarming, though, was that the meta-meta had insisted on crawling into bed with him, and couldn't be budged for the rest of the night. After that, it seemed like the meta-meta would break out more nights than not, regardless of what security measures Handy put in place (he was, like several of his progenitors, a keen escape artist, despite his general torpidity). Handy eventually gave up and moved their beds into the same room so he'd have at least some chance of getting through the night in peace, since all the meta-meta ever seemed to want was physical proximity, and Handy had long since stopped fearing that his meta-meta-crisis would try to eat him.

More recently, the reason for the meta-meta's insecurity has become painfully clear. The Master-faced meta-crisis hardly sleeps at all anymore, and when he does he sleeps uneasily, tormented by nightmares, wisps of which have only recently begun to filter through the psychic link and into Handy's mind. Between the echoes of nightmares and the meta-meta's tossing and turning and crying out in the night, Handy's stopped doing much sleeping as well.

It's mid-morning and they're sitting out front of a cheap cafe, Handy in the middle of his third cup of coffee, and the meta-meta polishing off the remains of a more substantial breakfast. Both are looking run down, though Handy will have caffeine jitters soon enough.

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