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Application for Hotel California

Your name/Pseudonym: Spoofmaster/Kathryn
Your personal LJ: [ profile] spoofmaster
Your email:
Your chat handle: AIM: thspoofmaster
Character's name: Meta-Crisis!Doctor/10.2/Handy
Character's canon: Doctor Who
What type of canon is your character from? (eg, book, movie, tv show, etc): Television
Character's LJ: [ profile] bluesuit_handy

Brief history of your character (100-200 words):  

Handy is a human copy of the tenth Doctor, created by a meta-crisis (some might say mishap) involving the Doctor's old severed hand (it's all right, he grew a new one when it was cut off), a human named Donna, and a large amount of insufficiently contained regenerative energy.  Once the crisis during which he was created was resolved (in part due to Handy committing genocide against the Daleks despite the Doctor's disapproval), the Doctor left Handy with Rose Tyler in the alternate universe usually referred to as "Pete's World," where he was intended to live out the rest of his human life span.

Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100-300 words):   

While Handy bears many similarities to the Doctor in both appearance and personality, he also inherited aspects of Donna's personality, leaving him somewhat more brash and smart-mouthed. Though he will not admit it to anyone, least of all himself, both Donna's low self-esteem and the general circumstances surrounding his creation have left him with deep-seated insecurities about his place in the world.  Like the Doctor, he has a tendency to swing between extremes in mood, and to usually give the outward appearance of happiness and enthusiasm, which is only sometimes a reflection of his actual mood.
What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character?:  Just over two weeks after the events of Journey's End (Doctor Who S4 finale)
Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?:  Alive
What skills does your character have?:  Fast-talking; understanding of technology in general and the concepts behind time travel specifically (so far as a human brain was able to retain them); running.
When your character is shown to his/her room, he/she will find ten personal items belonging to them, which the Hotel has supplied. These things can ONLY be things they would typically have in canon. This will be known as his/her initial personal inventory. Please list what these things would be:  

Spare Converse sneakers (green)

Unfinished, as yet unreliable duplicate of the sonic screwdriver

Tool kit
Mobile phone (nonfunctioning in the hotel)

Various pens (all chewed)

Notepad with notes on the sonic screwdriver and other projects

Shopping bag containing bananas and chocolate biscuits (Handy carries it in)
Reading glasses
A watch given to him by Rose
Paper he has been attempting to make psychic, without much luck so far
Please create a voicemail post for your character and provide a link to it in this application. This will be used for any character who wishes to get in contact with your character:
My voicemail
Write your character's entrance post (minimum 200 words. You will use this to post your character's entrance into the game.):

The Doctor's human doppelganger (known to some as Handy, though he couldn't say he particularly liked the moniker), meandered slowly along the road that would lead him back to the Tyler mansion, not really paying attention to where he was going. His attention was absorbed by the package of Hobnobs he had purchased less than an hour earlier, and which he was now struggling to open while walking and carrying a bag of bananas and assorted biscuit packages. He'd told himself that he was buying them to share with Rose when she got home from work, but it seemed he was unable to even wait until he got home himself.

In all honesty, it hadn't really been necessary for him to walk down to the shop. The Tylers had cars to spare, and he was fairly certain he would remember how to drive one if he decided to do so. It was fairly likely that the Tylers had chocolate biscuits and bananas to spare as well, but he hadn't looked too hard (or at all) before he had decided to take grocery shopping as an excuse to get out of the house for a while. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the company of his adoptive family, but all too often he found himself loitering around the mansion in the middle of the day with only Jackie Tyler for company (her son, Tony, was too young to count, as charming as he might be). She seemed to be under the impression that Handy needed looking after - and though he was, strictly speaking, only just over two weeks old, he was still a grown man and there was only so much coddling he could take.

He sighed from thinking about it. She would probably tell him off for ruining his dinner as soon as she saw the biscuits.

Suddenly, he realized that the ground was a lot softer than it had been a moment before. He looked up from the package (which was still resisting his efforts to open it), thinking that he must have walked off the side of the road while he was distracted. The sight that greeted him, however, was far from what he expected. A vast desert stretched out before him where there should have been a nice, quiet little neighborhood. He was suddenly aware of the sun beating down on his head and shoulders with a force it should not have had in England, even in an alternate universe. He spun around, brow furrowed in consternation, only to see that the desert continued in all directions. There was no sign of the shaded lane he had been walking on only moments before.

Turning back to his original direction of travel, Handy spotted a building a few hundred feet away, though he could have sworn it wasn't there before. He eyed it unhappily. Something must have pulled him away from where he had been, and it seemed clear that whatever it was wanted him to go to the building for shelter from the heat. As much as he might dislike it, though, it seemed to be his only option. The heat radiating up from the sand was already beginning to make him sweat - his human body didn't have anywhere near the tolerances for extreme temperatures as that of the original Doctor.

Letting out a resigned sigh, Handy dropped the Hobnobs back in the bag and trudged up to the building. As he got closer, he was able to see that it was an old hotel, extraordinarily dilapidated. He frowned again as he made his way up the bumpy, unkempt drive - why would anyone (or anything) want to bring him to a place like this?

Inside the building, however, was a different matter. The moment he stepped in the door his perception of the place shifted dramatically. The lobby was sparklingly clean, from its gleaming chandeliers to its marble floor. Handy walked slowly through the room, staring about in bewilderment at this new turn of events. None of it made sense to him.

"Welcome to the Hotel California," said a voice, startling him. "We've been expecting you."

"What?" said Handy, turning to face the desk. A concierge had appeared where he could have sworn there was no concierge before. "What do you mean 'expecting' me? And what do you mean by 'we'?"

"We hope you will enjoy your stay," said the concierge, as if Handy hadn't spoken. He pressed a key into Handy's hand and, right in front of Handy's eyes, disappeared, leaving Handy gawking at the empty air behind the desk.