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Application for the Last Resort

Player Information
Your name/pseudonym: Kathryn
Are you 18 or older at the time of this application? Yes.
What gender pronouns do you prefer?: She/her
Your email:
Your chat handles: AIM: thspoofmaster
Do you currently have any other characters in this game? If so, please list them here: Papageno

Character Information
Name: He technically doesn't have one, but he insists on going by 'the Doctor.'
Nickname/aliases: Handy (this is used to refer to him only in the prose; characters should not call him by this name unless in-game events occur to make him known by this nickname); on STEVE he is identified as Doctor [Meta-Crisis Duplicate].
Canon (e.g. Harry Potter/Firefly/Star Trek): Doctor Who
Canon Type (e.g. book, movie, television show, play)?: Television
Character's LJ: [ profile] bluesuit_handy
Brief history of your character (100-200 word minimum):
Handy is a human copy of the tenth Doctor, created by a meta-crisis (some might say mishap) involving the Doctor's old severed hand (it's all right, he grew a new one when it was cut off), a human named Donna, and a large amount of insufficiently contained regenerative energy. Handy has all the memories that the Doctor had at the time he transferred the energy to the hand, including growing up on Gallifrey, the Time War, and all of the Doctor's adventures in the TARDIS. He also has a few memories transplanted from Donna's mind that crop up now and then and cause some cognitive dissonance, as she is a temp from Chiswick and her memories do not exactly mesh with what he knows of himself from the Doctor's mind.
Once the crisis during which he was created was resolved (in part due to Handy committing genocide against the Daleks despite the Doctor's disapproval), the Doctor left Handy with Rose Tyler in the alternate universe usually referred to as "Pete's World," where he was intended to live out the rest of his human life span.
Brief synopsis of your character's personality (100 word minimum):
While Handy bears many similarities to the tenth Doctor (a charismatic, highly intelligent man alien with the gift of gab and a tendency toward manic behavior) in both appearance and personality, he also inherited aspects of Donna's personality, leaving him somewhat more brash and smart-mouthed. He is also quicker to anger than the Doctor, and more likely to be petty about perceived slights. Though he will not admit it to anyone, least of all himself, both Donna's low self-esteem and the general circumstances surrounding his creation and subsequent placement with Rose in the alternate universe have left him with deep-seated insecurities about his place in the world. Like the Doctor, however, he has a tendency toward arrogance on account of his superior intellect (when he's not worrying over how much less superior it might be now that it's housed in a human brain). He usually puts on a happy face, though, even when it doesn't reflect his inner moods.

Age: Going by memories, he is over nine hundred years old. Going by actual physical presence in the world, he is only one day old when he enters the resort. Going by appearance, he seems to be in his mid-thirties.
Appearance (please be sure to include any distinguishing traits that you want other characters to notice, .e.g. scars, eye color, particular jewelry): Looks like the tenth Doctor. Tall, thin almost to the point of gawkiness, unruly brown hair and boggly brown eyes. Often wears the blue suit he snagged from the TARDIS when he was created, though usually with just a t-shirt under the jacket, and always wears chucks. Left-handed, unlike the original.
Icon (100x100 pixels, preferably textless, good quality icon for cast list):

Game Information
What is the point of your character's canon in which you are introducing your character? (Year, after or during book #/comic issue/television episode, etc.) : Immediately after the events of Journey's End, after the Doctor and the others have left Rose and Handy in Pete's world.
Is your character alive or dead at the point of entry to the game?: Alive
What skills does your character have?: Like the Doctor, Handy is a fast talker and a fast runner. He has a grasp of science, particularly the science of time travel, that far exceeds the average human, and he is very good at working with machinery, even machinery he has never seen before. Unlike the Doctor, however, Handy does not have a more accurate than average time sense, and he is a bit of a klutz due to having lost some of his Time Lord senses in the process of coming into existence as half-human.
Your character will find 10 personal items in their room that the island has placed there. You may only include things that your character would have canonically. Please list them here. (Clothing need not be included as it is automatically provided. Any special articles of clothing, however, e.g. a team uniform, must be listed):
Handy only has the odds and ends the Doctor left in the blue suit. These include:
A variety of pens (most of them badly chewed)
A clockwork mouse
Spare reading glasses
A ball of string

Entry Post:

Whether it had been a good day or a bad day was hard to determine. On the one hand (haha), he'd come into existence today, and existing had to be better than not existing--or rather, being a living person had to be better than being a hand in a jar. He could still see himself through the Doctor's eyes in the memories of the time just prior to the incident--just a severed appendage in a container, nothing more, nothing less. It gave him the heebie-jeebies to think about it.

So on the other hand--on the hand that had not previously belonged to another person--there was the matter that coming into existence had meant coming into existence as a mere copy of the Doctor, and most likely an imperfect one at that. There was, after all, a fair bit of Donna in him, and he'd known immediately upon waking up that he was short one heart and surplus several organs that his Time Lord body (the Doctor's Time Lord body) had never needed but that seemed to be working away quite smoothly in this strange new body.

And, too, there was the matter of Rose to consider. The real original Doctor had taken them both back to Pete's world through the hole she had ripped in the universes and stranded them there. And Handy had been grateful--that was the worst of it, he'd been grateful to be the Doctor's cast-off so long as it meant he was the one who got the girl in the end--and oh, that kiss!--but she didn't want him. She wanted the Time Lord edition, and who could blame her? The way she'd pulled away to run toward the TARDIS when she heard it taking off said it all in a second.

To say that Handy was in a foul mood now that he'd had some time and quiet to think things over would have been the understatement of the year. Jackie had called in a zeppelin to pick them up (any other time he would have been delighted to ride in a zeppelin of all things, but he just couldn't muster the enthusiasm now), and the time they'd spent waiting for it had been passed in awkward silence broken only by even more awkward small talk. Rose kept giving him odd looks, and he wondered several times if she was thinking about what the other Doctor had said about him being born of war, like he was some mad dog the Doctor had left for her to try to tame. Jackie kept giving him strange looks, too, but they were more the looks a particularly motherly woman gives a wounded puppy. As much as he could have used some sympathy, he couldn't bring himself to give in to her shows of pity, so he was probably much sharper with Rose's mother than he should have been, which in turn probably did not earn him any favors from Rose herself.

He felt bone weary and his body ached by the time their ride arrived, having run and fought since the moment he'd grown from the hand, only for the adrenaline to wear off while they stood and waited, leaving him feeling hollowed out. He wondered if this was his own form of regeneration sickness, or if he was just falling apart already. How long could this body last, anyway?

It was no surprise to him, then, that he was ready to fall asleep nearly as soon as he sat down in the zeppelin. He was utterly exhausted, and staying awake for the ride home would have been inconceivable.

What was a surprise to Handy, however, was that he didn't make it to the zeppelin before everything suddenly went black, and that he didn't awaken on the aircraft, either. He found himself on a hard floor, surrounded by the legs of chairs. Beyond the chair legs, everything was a bright, disorienting pink. The discovery that he was underneath a table came when he tried to sit up and struck his head on it. He sank back down, hissing and clutching his forehead.

Yeah, this was probably a bad day.

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