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bluesuit_handy ([personal profile] bluesuit_handy) wrote2010-03-05 08:53 pm
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EVENT: Part Deux: The nerd patrol meets a vampire

Continued from here.

"I'm sure we could work something out," protested Handy, slipping sideways along the desk in an attempt not to be cornered against it. "And--oh--and I'm not human! I'm probably the wrong temperature!" He gave a weak grin that didn't reach his eyes as he wracked his mind for anything he might have in his pockets that would prove a defense against Eric. He did still have the lamp in his hand, at least, and that might do as a weapon.

"Nonsense. I can tell you are," Eric said with a predatory smile as he cocked his head aside slightly. "I'll be very gentle, I promise."

"You're threatening to drink his blood, and we're supposed to trust your word?" Topher asks skeptically. He's never been that quick to trust. He takes another careful step towards them, holding up his hands in a sort of let's not do anything hasty gesture, even if no one is paying too much attention to him.

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