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EVENT: Part Deux: The nerd patrol meets a vampire

Continued from here.

"I'm sure we could work something out," protested Handy, slipping sideways along the desk in an attempt not to be cornered against it. "And--oh--and I'm not human! I'm probably the wrong temperature!" He gave a weak grin that didn't reach his eyes as he wracked his mind for anything he might have in his pockets that would prove a defense against Eric. He did still have the lamp in his hand, at least, and that might do as a weapon.

"Nonsense. I can tell you are," Eric said with a predatory smile as he cocked his head aside slightly. "I'll be very gentle, I promise."

"You're threatening to drink his blood, and we're supposed to trust your word?" Topher asks skeptically. He's never been that quick to trust. He takes another careful step towards them, holding up his hands in a sort of let's not do anything hasty gesture, even if no one is paying too much attention to him.

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Smirking, Eric nodded. "Yes, I do," he said simply, and with that he stepped right up in front of Handy, placed his hands on the other man's head and gave it a tilt to the side. After a short sniff, just for effect, he quickly dipped his head so that he could take a brief, playful nip at the other man's neck.

Just as swiftly, he straightened back up and shrugged. "Hm. I must have been mistaken," he said calmly, reached up to run his fingers through his hair.

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When Eric steps forward, a mix of anger or desperation flares up in Topher. It's less than a week since Adelle was killed in front of him -- even if it didn't really happen, it runs deep with him, and he is not seeing another of his friends hurt.

He's not even thinking as he quickly steps forward, snatching up the metal half of the lamp, not hearing what Eric says before he bonks him hard on the head -- not hard enough to knock him out, but definitely hard enough to give him something to think about -- before stepping back, wide-eyed at what he just did.

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At the impact of the lamp on his head, Eric stumbled backward and cast a murderous glare in Topher's direction. If he were home he wouldn't have thought twice about showing his attacker just how horrible of a mistake he had just made, but he isn't home and starting a brawl in the middle of a dark hallway would not earn him any more friends in the long-run (not that he was concerned about friends, of course, but he didn't need any unwanted trouble).

"That was unwise," he said calmly, rubbing the back of his head. "If I were really a hungry vampire you both would have been bitten already."

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Topher freezes up when the lights suddenly go out. Right, so he's pretty sure he just pissed off a hungry vampire before being thrown into total darkness. And vampires have good night vision, don't they? Not good. So very not good.

His only response to the threat is a rather audible gulp, and taking several steps backwards in the dark, holding tightly onto the lamp as if it'll offer him some protection. Somewhere in there, though, his brain registers that Eric acknowledges not really being a hungry vampire, but that information gets lost in the fear of dark and danger and blood.

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Eric glared at both of them, then ran his fingers through his hair to put it back to rights after that bash to the head. "Humans take everything far too seriously," he said. "Even if I were vampire once more, you would never be in any danger. At my age I could sustain myself perfectly well on just a sip or two."

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No bitage. Okay, that's a good thing. Topher tries taking a deep breath. And no vampiring either. Also good. Not that it's totally calming, he did just hit an already somewhat unfriendly guy on the head with a lamp. At least he's on the team with two against one.

"Well, at least we know the abilities aren't connected to the electricity," he points out nervously, because he would very much like to not focus on the blood-sucking or the hitting each other or anything. Sciency stuff is much more calming, and distracting from the dark.

Oh, right, the dark. He's the one with the matches, isn't he? He sets the broken lamp down on the floor and pulls out the matches, lighting one so he can see what's going on.

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Eric chose to ignore Handy's whining. "No, I can see just fine without anything," he said and finished fixing his hair. "I'll be returning to my room, seeing as I found out what I came down here to do."

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Topher lights up the lamp again -- works fine without the glass anyway, although it might be blown out easier, but, well there's not exactly much wind -- and pockets the matches again, standing back up. He's not going to object to Eric leaving. He's not going to apologise for hitting him on the head either. He is tempted to ask Eric what exactly he did come down here for, though, but he's not so much with the talking.